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Welcome to the site for CIO-level consulting and other services offered by Steve Diamond of Tucson, Arizona. I’m now specializing in website design in addition to consulting services.

I Am Not Your Company’s Computer GuySM.

What do I mean by
“I Am Not Your Company’s Computer Guy”SM?

And why is it important for the health and wealth of your business? Read my blog post to find out.

I save money for my clients.

How I Save Money for my Clients – Case Studies

A start-up marketer of medical services to consumers was about to sign a software development contract for over $350,000 to have their new web site and software created. They asked me to evaluate the vendor’s proposal. I studied it and made some suggestions about simplifying the software architecture and streamlining the feature set. The vendor revised the proposal, with a new price around $200,000. My client saved $150,000. My fee? Under $5,000.

Another client approached me because they were unhappy in their relationship with their primary software vendor. They felt they were spending too much for too little in return. I met regularly with client and vendor, and I gave my evaluation about where each party was being reasonable or unreasonable. After several months, both parties are more satisfied, and my client is saving over $50,000 per year compared to the prior arrangement. Again, my fee was under $5,000.

I Can Help Your Bottom Line

I’ll help you maximize your ROI in technology. I’ll be your part-time CIO whenever needed, for an hour, a day, a week, or more. I’ll manage your Information Technology projects and make sure that your vendors deliver what they promise. I’ll give your business a process and information systems tune-up, making sure that you have the right software, hardware, and business processes in place for maximum efficiency.

Let me tell you how I can improve your bottom line. Contact me for a free project evaluation.

I am not your company’s computer guy” is a Service Mark of Steve Diamond Consulting.